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Christian West founded AS Solution because he couldn’t find an executive protection company he wanted to work for: the kind that replaces cookie-cutter security with a dedication to keeping clients safe – as well as happy and productive – all based on a solid understanding of the principal’s corporate culture and personal preferences.

A hands-on professional who leads from the front, Christian has developed and led protection programs in more than 170 countries for more than 25 years. He has worked all areas of protection from undercover to high-risk, government, corporate, celebrity, and high net worth. Christian has served as a close protection agent, team leader, EP specialist, EP manager and high-level consultant for many Fortune 500 companies and has also directed security efforts for world tours for major artists and the world’s largest IPO.


Corporate executive protection:
An introduction for corporations and security professionals

Does your corporation need executive protection? Are you planning a career in this growing field? Then read this book first. With decades of experience protecting the heads of Fortune 500 and other organizations, Christian West and Brian Janzen have written the definitive guide to close protection in corporate contexts. The emphasis is on practical, real-world advice on the most important aspects of corporate executive protection, including:
  • How to determine whether your company needs an executive protection program
  • How to write a strategy, implement it and keep it on track
  • How to develop and manage the people who make or break program success


Are you responsible for the security of high net worth individuals or families? Are prominence and public exposure making you consider changes in how security is arranged for yourself or other family members? Or are you interested in a career in this fast-growing industry? Then read this book first. With decades of experience working for the high and ultra-high net worth worldwide, authors West, Jantzen, Terret, and Van Driessche provide a wide-ranging and pragmatic introduction to protective security for prominent individuals and families.


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AS Solution is a security company dedicated to keeping its clients safe, happy and productive.They specialize in executive protection services for corporations and also serve high net worth individuals, family offices, NGOs, celebrities and embassies. AS Solution was acquired by SOS Security in 2017, and by Allied Universal in 2020.
The International Protective Security Board is an independent, volunteer organization devoted to promoting the protection industry’s interests and professionalization.
Stabilitas is a critical event intelligence platform with APIs helping companies better analyze, manage and act on the staggering volume of critical events in order to minimize risks and costs to their employees and perations.
Z.E.R.T. is an organization that uses “Zombie” as a metaphor for any natural or man-made disasters that will occur in our lives; Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, criminal attacks or any type of situation where being prepared, trained and most importantly, armed with the proper mindset is required to see you and your family through to safety.
The first digital platform made for executive protection professionals. With Protection Manager, executive protection professionals can plan, run and follow up on security details more efficiently and safely than ever before.
RaySecur is the first manufacturer of dedicated mail security scanners to receive official designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the United States SAFETY Act.