Selected blogs by Christian West for AS Solution

30-Mar-20Infographic: Staying safe, happy and productive while in quarantine
19-Mar-20Executive protection in times of COVID-19: We need forward thinking more than ever
3-Mar-20Infographic: Staying safe in the COVID-19 outbreak
21-Feb-20Why we need to train and hire the first executive protection technology officers
10-Feb-20Fear is not a gift in executive protection
31-Jan-20Travel security: Simple tips from executive protection pros
27-Jan-20Why the wrong framing causes dysfunctional executive protection programs
7-Jan-203 predictions for the executive protection industry in 2020
26-Dec-19Infographic: Mail screening & executive protection
20-Dec-19Finding your career path in executive protection
29-Nov-19The top 10 gadgets every EP pro wants for Christmas 2019
20-Nov-19It’s time to talk about standardization of the executive protection industry
1-Nov-19Why high net worth families – and their family offices – need to improve threat assessment and risk management practices
26-Sep-19What executive protection and secure travel teams can learn from a Diet Coke
2-Sep-19Why mail screening must be an integrated part of comprehensive executive protection programs
25-Jul-19Lesser-known threats and vulnerabilities: What executive protection pros (and everyone else) need to know
29-May-19Why executive protection and enterprise security risk managers need to rethink TSCM
15-May-1910 networking tips for executive protection professionals
30-Apr-19Preparing the next generation of leadership in executive protection
9-Apr-19Things I learned being a bouncer that have helped my career in executive protection
31-Mar-1910 dumb things we wish people would stop doing in the executive protection industry
12-Mar-19The importance of staying up to date and proactive networking in the executive protection industry
28-Feb-19Improving event security and the guest experience: Perspectives on screening from the executive protection industry
19-Feb-19Integrating protective intelligence in executive protection: It’s time to sharpen the saw
31-Jan-19From operational readiness to operational optimization: 5 guiding principles in executive protection
13-Dec-187 trends that will define the executive protection industry in 2019
19-Nov-18The 10 gadgets every EP agent wants for Christmas
7-Nov-18The executive protection industry lives in a glass house. Let’s improve standardization instead of throwing stones.
28-Sep-18Coordinating event security and executive protection
16-Aug-187 leadership lessons I’ve learned working in executive protection
31-Jul-18Private sector executive protection and firearms: It’s time to deal with the topics that no one wants to talk about
16-Jul-18How executive protection professionals can deal with paparazzi and other media
20-Jun-18It’s time to rethink executive protection training
31-May-18Integrating critical incident response teams with corporate security: 5 EP perspectives
16-May-185 lessons learned about social media and executive protection
27-Apr-18Why advance work in executive protection takes more than checklists
23-Mar-18Make or buy? 4 questions to ask before outsourcing corporate executive protection
9-Mar-18How to determine appropriate staffing levels for corporate executive protection programs
28-Feb-18Burnout: When bad things happen to good executive protection agents
16-Feb-18The role of intelligence analysis in high net worth protection programs
31-Jan-18Secure travel support for high net worth families
18-Jan-18The ecosystem of high net worth family security: Four keys to understanding successful programs
29-Dec-17Forward thinking: 4 key challenges for the executive protection industry in 2018
7-Dec-17How to prevent vehicle attacks
20-Nov-1714 gadgets every EP agent wants for Christmas 2017
20-Oct-17Epic EP failures: Now WHY did I do THAT?
5-Oct-17CES and Corporate Event Security: 6 Things Event Planners and CSOs Need to Know
21-Sep-17Travel intelligence for executive protection: How and when we use it in the real world
5-Sep-17Staying safe in Venezuela: How companies and NGOs can prepare to operate securely when regime change comes
3-Aug-17Tactical readiness: Where the rubber meets the road in executive protection – and what far too many teams get wrong
19-Jul-17Remarkable executive protection stories: Embrace uncertainty and remember the duct tape
6-Jul-17How intelligence analysis is impacting corporate security now – and why it will be even more important in the future
22-Jun-17The difference between operational readiness and dumb luck? Not much. Until it is.
18-May-17Licensing, liability and legal compliance issues in protective security: What high net worth families need to know
18-Apr-17Separating feelings from facts: What high net worth families need to understand to stay secure
5-Apr-17Executive protection is the best and the worst job in the world
16-Mar-17The 4 pillars of protection for high net worth individuals and families
16-Feb-17The 3 reasons high net worth families opt for enhanced protective security
19-Jan-17The 3 ways successful executive protection agents turn downtime into uptime – and turbocharge their careers
4-Jan-17Four intelligence analysis developments executive protection managers need to understand in 2017
16-Dec-1610 more gadgets every executive protection agent wants for Christmas
17-Nov-16Drones and corporate security: Whats new in 2016?
21-Oct-16Tech tools for halls & walls security
7-Oct-16What executive protection pros can learn from the Kim Kardashian robbery
24-Aug-1610 mistakes executive protection agents need to stop making
20-Jul-1610 mistakes executive protection agents need to stop making
19-May-16Communication tools for corporate executive protection
5-May-16How to write an RFP for corporate executive protection services
20-Apr-16Six reasons to outsource executive protection
6-Apr-16Staying safe at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil
22-Mar-16The 10 personality traits to look for in successful corporate executive protection agents
18-Feb-16How executive protection creates competitive advantage for the corporation
21-Jan-16Corporate Executive Protection: 7 Trends to Watch in 2016
7-Jan-16How to turn around a corporate EP program
16-Dec-15How to start up a corporate EP program
14-Oct-15How to write a corporate executive protection strategy
1-Sep-15The 6 trends that are changing careers in corporate executive protection
25-Aug-156 reasons every corporation should have a proactive executive protection strategy
24-Jun-15The corporate executive protection ecosystem
12-Jun-15The 5 questions board members must ask before mandating a corporate executive protection program
17-Mar-15Does your company need an executive protection program?
4-Mar-15The state of international travel security – March 2015
17-Dec-14Winter drivingti ps – how to stay safe on the road
2-Jul-14The 4 questions you need to ask before hiring an executive driver
12-Jun-14Staying safe in Brazil for the World Cup
4-Jun-14Is Brazil ready for the World Cup?
27-May-14The ROI of executive drivers: Would you rather have them drive the car – or company results?
16-Jan-14Davos: A world-class challenge for Executive Protection Professionals
11-Jan-14Executive protection 2014: Key events for the coming year
24-Dec-13Holiday gift ideas for your favorite road warrior: 3
22-Dec-13Holiday gift ideas for your favorite road warrior: 2
19-Dec-13Holiday gift ideas for your favorite road warrior
2-Dec-13How to stay safe at the Sochi Olympics
26-Nov-13Sochi and security: Terrorist groups to watch at the 2014 Winter Olympics
1-Nov-13Expat Safety in Africa – Top 6 Travel Tips from AS Solution
10-Oct-13Evacuation from Libya
24-Sep-13Q & A with Will Powell, AS Solution’s Safety and Security Advisor for Africa, who was in Nairobi this weekend
19-Sep-13Executive Protection Agent – Insights & Lessons Learned